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Official Softball Bat
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This custom turning model is designed to make any softball player achieve greatness as they step up to the plate.  This model features a traditional knob and handle that tapers into a long and extended barrel making the sweet spot bigger than usual.  Whether you're a softball all-star or a rec league MVP, this model will fit perfectly into your hands as you knock one out of the park.



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- 11/22/2017
5 product stars

Since joining a fast-pitch wood bat league six years ago, I have used a large variety of bats from several manufacturers. None has compared to my BWP bat. While others have good feel, and some have stood the test of durability, my BWP has proven to be the most important piece of equipment in my bag. The balls jump off the barrel unlike any other wood bat I have used. While you will never get that cracking sound with softballs the way you do with baseballs, there is still a distinctive sound that comes from squaring up a softball, and none more distinctive in my league than the "croosh" of the BWP!! This bat has elevated my power numbers incredibly over the last two seasons, taking me from a bottom third singles hitter, and mostly a defensive player, to a middle of the lineup, run-producing, extra-base machine!! Thank you BWP!! Keep on doin' what you do!

- 10/13/2014
5 product stars

I have toured the facility that makes BWP bats, but tried not to be swayed by a particular brand. I had spent a number of years playing softball (using aluminum bats) and I wanted to get back to the feel of wood so I bought a softball model. I was surprised at the durability of the bat. When I returned to baseball I began to buy a variety of bats from cheap to the more popular expensive brands. Despite certain bat manufacturers claims of using the best billets for all their bats I would say most bat companies are pretty much the same especially when it comes to average consumer bats (the pros get the best billets no matter what). BWP bats seem to enjoy a more hand-crafted, attention to detail, and personal touch to each bat and that's something I call pride. People often complain about bats breaking, but this is usually due to hitting a ball in the wrong spot (end of barrel or below the trademark). A true test of a bat's ability is hitting a ball from the same speed and listening to the bat as well as watching the ball "pop" from the bat. My BWP maple bats have consistently outperformed my bamboo, ash, and maple bats from various other companies. The multiple color options are also rare for the average consumer as this option is only available by a limited number of bat manufacturers.

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